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For so many companies, natural search engine traffic is essential in making a business profitable. A movement of just 1 position in google can vastly increase the number of visits, enquiries and sales. However, in the not-for-profit sector the benefits aren’t quite so obvious and historically the online channel has been ignored.

Where there are no physical sales it can be hard to understand the direct benefits because it is not so easily quantifiable. However, with the tools available these days such as google analytics, we can help quantify what may be classified as a conversion/goal to your charity. The goals that we normally report on include, but are not limited to; amount of time spent on site, a visit to a particular event page, an online donation, a download of an informative article, a submitted contact form, social media icons clicked and phone calls.

You have either found us because you have searched for something like “digital marketing agency” or “SEO for charities” and you know you need to improve your online presence and charity SEO, or you have found us unintentionally and are now interested to find out why this might benefit your charity.

Here are a few simple reasons:

1. If traditionally you have focused your marketing spend on offline channels such as print there is likely to be an increasing amount of people searching for your brand online, and if you aren’t ranking top of google for your own brand terms you are missing out on quick wins and pre-qualified visitors who have already heard about your brand; they may be eager to volunteer or donate. Quite simply by not ranking well for your brand terms the effect to your brand may be detrimental.

2. The key to really reaping the rewards of a charity SEO strategy is to pick the most sensible keywords. By this we mean, keywords that have a decent search volume, aren’t overly competitive but will also be relevant to your charity. This will enable your charity to find new supporters, donors and volunteers. In turn, these new visitors will spread the word and exponentially increase the amount of traffic to your site through all channels and sources.

3. SEO can be useful to your charity when trying to promote specific campaigns or marketing initiatives. The search engines are becoming increasingly reactive, incorporating more topical issues, news and events and integrating social media too. This combination will assist in increasing the impact of your marketing initiatives.

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